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Business Travel Just Got Easy

Join more than 180 companies that already use our services and book your next business trip using your favorite text app!

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Comtravo at a glance

Booking business travel does not have to be painful. Not for employees and not for companies!

Fast & convenient bookings

Easy booking via Email, SMS, Skype or our innovative self booking platform; insert preferences only once.

No high fees & complicated fee structure

Our innovative booking technology allows us to be cheaper than your current travel agency and offer you the best prices available, guaranteed!

One-stop shop for all travel

All your business travel in one place. Flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, airbnb - more than 1 million options to choose from.

Access to negotiated special fares

Because we accumulate so many bookings every year we have many special negotiated fares that you can benefit from.

Automated expense management

We handle all the transactions and deal with the different invoices so we can provide you with one structured invoice with all bookings at the end of the month.

Budgeting & Incentives for Employees

Employees will spend an average of 21% less for their business travel after we implemented our incentive program.

24/7 access to support

Our service team is available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to help you with every challenge that comes your way.

Setting up profiles and approval structures

Every employee gets his own profile with his bonus numbers, preferences and personal data. Approval structures can be added as well.

Booking travel within seconds

  1. Easily book in the most convenient channels for yourself and your employees.
  2. Comtravo travel experts send you the best travel options to confirm and then take care of all booking.
  3. You and your accounting automatically get all the receipts by email. Hassle-free relax.

Get the customer service you deserve!

If you need a booking or help for your private travel plans just send a text to one of our experts



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Comtravo surprised me in how easy it is to use them. For the first time I don’t have issues with our accounts and my client’s travel is taken care of.

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We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Thank you for getting in touch. We will contact you soon!