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One travel - one invoice

Uniform and uncomplicated invoicing

  • An accountant for everything

    You will always get a standard invoice for everything you book with us.

  • Charge for all trip expenses

    We take over the complete payment for every business expense incurred during a trip. You get a simple itemized invoice at the end of your trip.

Personalized billing

  • Preferred payment method

    Choose the best way to pay for your bookings. We support Credit cards, invoice account, or SEPA.

  • Several cost centers per invoice

    You can define cost centers for each booking for easier accounting.

Overview & Reporting

Invoice verification

In addition to the invoices for each trip, you receive a monthly report with all invoices together. This allows you to do an efficient audit.

Overview of all trips

You receive a monthly analytics report for all the bookings done by the company, so you have a complete overview.

Cost savings via Accounting

Cost Optimization

Through our reports, you can effectively analyze and optimize your spend.

VAT is always shown

We charge the right VAT on all invoices, so you are always up-to-date on your taxes.