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One travel - one source

Book your complete business trip in one step.
In one step means with only one e-mail.

Quick and easy inquiry

Just send us one message stating what you need and we will come back with the best options.

You have the possibility to specify each booking inquiry and to add additional booking details, which deviate from your usual preferences.

As soon as we receive your booking request, we start looking for the best travel options. Our travel experts use their years of experience in travel management and our specially developed tools to find you the best tickets possible.

Your personal travel preferences

We store your travel preferences to be able to offer you the most suitable options. You can, of course, change the preferences any time.

Simply book the best option

Select one of the many options we offer to you and you will have a confirmed booking in no time.

Consolidated invoice and travel itinerary

As soon as you confirm the booking, you and the traveler will receive an email with all the details for the trip -- including a consolidated invoice, travel itinerary, and calendar entries.