Save time on your business travel expenses

With Comtravo, you can settle your business travel expenses in no time at all: Instead of entering all individual receipts and invoices, Comtravo simplifies the process for you and advances all costs. You get an overview of all expenses and save valuable time.

2 steps to simple invoicing


Comtravo advances all costs for hotel, flight, train, and rental car.


You receive individual invoices or a collective invoice at the end of the month and pay with your preferred method.

Your benefits when invoicing with Comtravo

Save time on accounting
You receive all invoices collected by us, which saves time and effort for the accounting department.
Flexibility due to different payment options
You can choose between individual and collective invoices and pay by credit card or SEPA direct debit.
Less hassle when traveling
By advancing the costs, business travelers save time, as they don't have to worry about paying at the hotel or travel expense claims.
Well structured administration
Cost centers can be assigned more easily, making administration simpler and more transparent.

Full transparency at all times

Access to invoices

In your Comtravo account, you can view and download all invoices at any time. This means you always have all documents at hand and never lose track of them.

Real-time dashboards

With our dashboards in real time, you can view the costs of travel in your company at any time and filter them, for example, by booked item or period of time, in order to identify the potential for optimization.

Personal advice from our finance team

If you have questions or need clarification on any aspect of invoicing, you can contact our finance team, which is available to you at any time.
Christopher Kieseler
Your contact person for accounting
What our customers love

"As an administrator, I can easily keep track of the costs with the management dashboards. If we need support or have questions, the collaboration is fast and friendly!"

Managing Director Marketing & Sales – Thomas Henry

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