Comtravo simplifies the booking of business travel: With a single text message, for example via e-mail, a complete journey can be booked quickly and conveniently. Comtravo’s software translates the request through ‘Natural Language Processing’ into structured data and then delivers the best and customized options using Machine Learning approaches. The customer can book his favourite travel option with one click. Thanks to the innovative technology, offers can be designed quickly but equally individually. Comtravo’s travel experts can fully focus on the more complex concerns and needs of the customers. And the customer receives both the personal service of a classic travel agency as well as the efficiency of an online tool.

Comtravo was founded in 2015 in the heart of Berlin and is supported by top-notch technology investors (for example, Creandum) and extremely successful founders (e.g. Trivago, Ratetiger, Momondo, Airbnb).

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