Why Comtravo?


It's single point for all your travel needs

Comtravo offers flights, hotels, trains and car rentals in one place, no more clicking around on multiple web sites and apps looking for the right travel products.

It's simple - No learning required

Comtravo presents you with the technology that you know and are comfortable with your existing email and calendar. All bookings and communication are done quickly and handled efficiently using email, no manual required. Travellers get calendar invites and check-in reminders to ensure they stay organised.

Gives you control

It gives you control

Specify your company overall guidelines to ensure all bookings are fully compliant, avoid confusion and guess work.

It's tailored to your needs

Create tailored traveler profiles that enable us to personalise each booking for you. Our technology smartly identifies the best options that fit your profile and automates the booking.

24/7 customer service

It has your back

Our heroic customer service covers you fully before, during and after the trip. We are on hand 24/7 to jump in and help you if something unexpected happens, naturally all for free.

It streamlines the purchasing process

We take over complete payment for every business trip you book with us, and manage all risks. You get single invoices for each trip plus one monthly report giving you a clear overview of where money has been spent. We are flexible on payment methods and support credit cards, invoice account or SEPA payments. Add your cost centres to make booking and accounting easy.

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